Disturbing by Eleanor Michonski

by Allison Wilbur on February 21, 2011

Disturbing by Eleanor Michonski


Eleanor Michonski

Shelby Township, Michigan, USA

Women woven together in their separate lives. Women in situations they did not seek. War, flood, earthquake, fire, rape. Women with children, waiting for family, fearing the worst. Women with men they fear. Women alone in depression and oppression. Women capable of love and living, trapped in prisons not of their making. Women with AIDS, women awaiting the birth of a child they are afraid of. Hard-working women whose hands create love. We offer empathy and a hope of peace and protection as we become also part of the woven pattern of womanhood.

The vertical rainbow stripes represent hope and happiness. The horizontal bands of leather are painful reminders of bondage of different types. The sketches are my original art work, inspired by photos of current events, thoughtful introspection and just plain emotion.

To protect women means to protect society

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