The Mending by Lea McComas

by Allison Wilbur on February 21, 2011

The Mending by Lea McComas

The Mending

Lea McComas

Superior, Colorado, USA

Women, the world over, toil daily to provide essentials for their families.  They strive to provide such tangibles as food, clothing, shelter, and the intangibles of safety, security, and love.  Such tasks are further complicated by relentless threats of destruction.   Women find themselves continually mending the fabric of their lives, trying to restore beauty and function in the aftermath of war, greed, and lust.

This quilt began as a collage of photos collected over a decade of living, working, and traveling overseas.  Many are my own.  A friend who has traveled extensively as a medical volunteer contributed others.  The quilt top was then torn, cut, burned and shot; literally, tearing families apart. Finally, the woman’s hands are shown working to stop the destruction, mend the damage, and repair the vision.

Women are creators.  Let us create peace and security for our families.

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