Good Day Sunshine – Laura Cooke, Barrington, RI

by Allison Wilbur on June 8, 2013

We start our showcase of the quilts and quilters participating in Solar Sister: Empowering Women through Clean Energy  with this quilt by Barrington, RI quilter Laura Cooke.  Laura’s artist statement is below the photo of her bright and welcoming sun superimposed on the African continent.

Good Day Sunshine by Laura Cooke

When I read the title of this year’s challenge: Light, Hope, Opportunity: Empowering Women through Clean Energy, the image of a benevolent sun shining down on all of Africa lit up my mind. On a sunny day, I hang the laundry outside, watch the plants in my vegetable garden grow, and sew next to the window. In Africa, I imagine women enjoying the same sunshine as they work through the chores and joys of each day. Perhaps some are now cooking on solar stoves to give children breakfast before school, or using solar cells to charge cell phones to connect to family, or to light lanterns so children can read and study after dark.  Traditional or modern, the sun gives wonderful ways of using clean energy and even a single ray of sunlight can inspire hope.

This quilt is an original design from my initial vision of the sun shining down to blanket the whole continent of Africa. It is made using commercially available fabrics, raw edge appliqué and free-motion quilting with rayon and machine quilting cotton thread.

Laura Cooke, Barrington, Rhode Island

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