A Clear Necessity – Ann L. Scott

by Dick Wilbur on April 18, 2016


A Clear Necessity 

Ann L. Scott – San Diego, California

The lone seed in A Clear Necessity is a reminder that without water there is no sustenance. Every time I turn on a faucet, water a plant or clean out a paintbrush, I’m reminded of how fortunate I am to live here in California, even with the local restrictions on water usage. Access to clean water is one of the most basic human rights; I admire the women who, despite their environment and economic situations, bring water to their families and communities. I appreciate those who are working to build the technologies that will help bring clean water to all people, especially women and girls…it can’t happen too soon.

A Clear Necessity is a triptych created using hand-painted fabric, textile paint, wax pastels; raw edge fused; cheesecloth; and primitive spun yarn. Layered with cotton batting and commercial cotton backing, completed with machine quilting, thread play and a blanket stitch finish.

A Clear Necessity – Tryptich by Ann L. Scott


I used flour resist to create the cracked, dry earth of the triptych. Even as I worked on this piece there were texture and tactile reminders of how important water, especially clean water is to our lives.

Flour Resist detail









Artist’s Bio

Ann has been making quilts and working with fiber for over twenty years. She started out creating art quilts using her own methods before attending classes and learning traditional patchwork, appliqué, and hand quilting. Ann spent many years fine tuning these skills, and has now gone from traditional quiltmaking, back to designing and creating art quilts, painted fabric and using a method she calls “Really free motion” quilting. Ann’s quilts have been published and exhibited both nationally and internationally, and have earned her awards and honors.

Ann L. Scott in her studio

Working from her home studio, Ann creates art quilts, hand painted fabric, and mixed media pieces for sale through her website, fiberdesignsbyann.com. She also produces video tutorials demonstrating art quilt making, fiber art, and fabric painting techniques.

Ann’s most recent works are unique collaborations with photographers which use photographs as inspiration and an element of the finished piece. The series began with one photograph taken by Ann’s son, Cameron, who majored in Visual Arts and Media at UCSD. These “photograph and fiber” works of art are an ongoing series which now includes over twenty five mixed media pieces and photographs from five different photographers.

Ann continues to evolve as an artist; exploring fiber art, fabric painting, surface design, mixed media and more.

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