Le Cauchemar de l’Eau – La Quête (The Water Nightmare – The Quest) – Geneviève Attinger

by Dick Wilbur on April 4, 2016


Artist’s Statement

Inspired by visions, experiences, books, news reports and debates on TV, as well as by a concern for contemporary problems regarding human conditions, this quilt interprets personal concerns, pain and fears.

The title half-opens the door to a story easily read by the viewer. “In Africa and Asia, women and children walk an average of 3.7 miles a day just to collect water.” It’s heartbreaking for mothers and fathers alike to let their children go and search water to drink or cook safely, for washing and for cultivating. The aim of this quilt is to create awareness through the silent dialogue proposed by the woman depicted and the viewer. This mother shows the children going for this quest; he is alone which may be dangerous; she worries for the future too – no time for education.

Creating the story for which threads and fabrics can be the words of my story, “mots-matière,” enabling the viewer to interpret their story.

Le Cauchemar de l’Eau – La Quete (The Water Nightmare – The Quest)


Le Cauchemar – detail

Artist’s Bio

Geneviève Attinger, a former agricultural engineer and retired teacher of biology and bioethics, is a French-Suisse self-taught textile artist who took evening classes in graphic expression and sculpture at l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts (Lorient) in order to progress.  She currently lives in Pontivy, Brittany, and has been working with fabrics and threads since the ‘80s. A member of France Patchwork (FR) and Through Our Hands (GBR), SAQA JAM (USA), she displays works in solo, invitational and group national and international exhibitions.  Some of her wall-hangings are in private and corporate collections. Over the years, Geneviève has organised  workshops about “Creativity and self-expression,” and is published, for exemple, in Masters Art Quilts, Vol.2.  For more information, please visit her website, www.attinger-art-textile.odexpo.com.


Geneviève Attinger

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