Pure Water – Joan Blade Johnson

by Dick Wilbur on April 9, 2016

Pure Water

Joan Blade Johnson – Hampton, Connecticut

I chose to do an image of pure, clean, sparkling water, mindful of the Slovakian proverb: “Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.” It continuously inspires me to think about how universal access to pure water may be an antidote to many of the world’s “ills.” The proverb itself echoes the challenge theme “Water is Life” as one of our most basic requirements.

The fiber art piece Pure Water is made with satin fabric and sparkly organza that were pole-wrapped using a shibori technique and painted with pure blues to represent pure clean water. Pieces of the painted organza were “fussy cut” and used as raw edge appliqué overlays providing a light-reflecting element. The proverb “Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine” was printed onto satin and was also applied to the piece using a raw edge technique.

In a perfect world everyone would have equal access to pure, clean water. Imagine the impact this access would have on almost every aspect of the lives of women and girls all over the world! As the primary parties responsible for water collection, women and girls would be able to spend far less of their days collecting water and have increased time for education and socioeconomic opportunities. Access to pure water would significantly decrease the incidence of water-related diseases and allow for better health, sanitation, and school attendance.


Pure Water – Joan Blade Johnson


After working as a registered dietitian/nutrition consultant and educator for many years, Joan decided about 5 years ago to make a career change to pursue her art full time. She has long been interested in all things fiber. In the last several years Joan has become fascinated by the entire creative process involved in composing fiber art pieces using non-traditional methods and materials to achieve her artistic vision most often inspired by nature and her original nature photography.

The surface design materials that she regularly work with on fabric include: paint, Procion MX reactive dye, foraged natural plant dye, rust, images transferred to fabric, oil paint sticks, foil, Angelina fiber, and much more…  A variety of threads, yarns, and found objects are often stitched onto the piece and more free motion stitch is added to create rich texture and additional visual interest.

She often works, teaches and exhibits nationally and internationally with fellow fiber artist Melanie Johnston.  Joan loves the process of becoming immersed in the professional world of fiber artistry.  To learn more about Joan visit her website http://www.jbjfiberart.com, “Like” her on Facebook at MJ Fiber Artand visit her Etsy Store MJFiberart.

Joan Blade Johnson

JulieBLarson April 13, 2016 at 8:15 pm

I love how it sparkles!

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