Six Per Cent – Laura Cooke, Barrington, Rhode Island

by Dick Wilbur on April 14, 2016


Title of Quilt: Six Per Cent (dimensions: 19″ width x 25″ length)


Artist’s Statement:

The African continent is a patchwork – of cultures, of languages, of ecosystems – and bringing clean water to this continent may be a challenge. But the consequences of success will be powerful, especially in terms of changing the lives of women and girls.

By some accounts, less than six per cent of Africa’s farmland is irrigated and most food crops are grown on small family farms. In addition, women and children often walk several miles each day to collect water and in doing so spend up to six hours a day in this task. Clean water sources near communities will free up more time for girls to go to school and water resistant crops may help alleviate food insecurity for families who rely on their vegetable gardens or farms for their primary nutrition. Women farmers selling the surplus creating income are a huge step in lifting themselves out of poverty and hunger.


Six Per Cent – Laura Cooke


Six Percent – Detail


Six Per Cent – Detail


Artist’s Biography:

Laura Cooke is a quilt artist who lives with her family in Barrington, Rhode Island. She learned to sew as a child and began making quilts when she was in her twenties. She likes to make art quilts and bed quilts and focus on color and value in most of her quilts. She draws inspiration from nature and her travels when making her original designs. She is a quilt teacher who loves teaching her students the art and craft of quilting.

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