The Well Map – Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix

by Dick Wilbur on May 10, 2016

The Well Map

Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix – Geneva, Switzerland



Artist’s Statement

Our planet consists mostly of water yet according to where you live you may have to walk many hours to find some. This is a representation of a reverse landscape, where the land is water and the water is a mix of paths. It looks so easy to reach the well, but the paths are confusing, muddy and narrow, the same way a women’s life can be during her daily search for drinking water. A red mark (as on Google map) shows the well location.

The background is made by sewn squares disposed as a mosaic on the walls of a bathroom. Using thermo fused appliqué the paths were applied to create a kind of spider web of up and down lines, a symbol of the long and difficult task to find water. Techniques comprise machine sewn and free-hand machine quilted while fabrics include cotton fabrics and polyester batting as well as rayon and cotton threads.


The Well Map - Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix

The Well Map – Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix

Artist’s Biography

Born in France, I arrived in Switzerland with my mother at the age of 5 and I always lived in Geneva ever since apart from times passed abroad to learn foreign languages to become an interpreter; after a change of direction, I became a librarian!

As part of a family of musicians, painters, photographers and dancers I am considered as a kind of painter with fabrics by my family and my friends.

Since 1992 I play with fabrics using traditional patchwork techniques which led me to a more contemporary style.

Inspiration comes from the images registered in my memory during the daily walks with my dog in parks, in the mountain, along the Leman’s lake, or from images from TV programs or from magazines, books… It is not about reproducing a pattern, but it is a kind of expressive language mixing sewing, embroidery, painting, collage…

I like all the different parts of my work which is exclusively intuitive: the start, the choice of the range of colors, the fabrics selection, the construction, the sewing, the embellishment and even the binding.

In my landscapes, I only work with simple shapes such as squares and rectangles cut and settled in an improvisational way.

My fantasy decides of the colors and of the light which intensity and tone give life to the whole design. I mainly use hand dyed fabrics and batiks, so strong with their shapes, shades and so vivid colors and since some months now I also paint my fabrics. Then I work on texture with threads, wool or whatever I have, I add some painted details, and finally I concentrate on the quilting always done by machine.

Deeply concerned by the impact our way of life have on our planet, it is however with a positive tone of voice that I reproduce in my textile landscapes a whole world of colors.


WellMapdetail copy

The Well Map – Detail

Cathey LaBonte May 10, 2016 at 5:09 pm

It’s beautiful!! Great job Elizabeth!

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