A Tree of Life – Lin Schiffner

by Dick Wilbur on June 5, 2016

A Tree of Life

Lin Schiffner – Nevada City, California


Artist’s Statement:

Awareness that clean water is essential to life and critical to the existence is spreading across the world. The threat of global warming further threatens world populations as droughts reduce reserves making clean water increasingly scarce. Endangering the existence and quality of life not only for women, children but also families throughout the world. The crisis affects all creatures on earth.

A Tree of Life - Lin SchiffnerMy piece, A Tree of Life, honors the miracle of life by representing the web of interconnection among life forms and elements on earth. The water is depicted as the essence, allowing this tree and all of its life forms to thrive. The green shapes of the tree portray the seven continents. The placement of the creatures loosely corresponds to where they may live.

Although only a tiny leaf on the tree, human beings are responsible for its future. May we learn to protect, cherish, nourish and preserve the Tree of Life so it may grow?




Artist’s Biography:

A Tree of Life - DetailMy current focus on art quilting began nearly 15 years ago after decades of more traditional quilting and exploration of other art forms. Contemporary fabric art provides an avenue for artistic expression of my life experience and centers on inspirational themes such as compassion, peace, environment, culture and the sacred. My work combines personal and heartfelt subject matter with a passion for color and a compulsion for finely detailed craft. Creating art in my studio is a daily practice that brings solace, joy and purpose to my life.

Since becoming a full-time fabric/mixed-media artist in 2009, Lin has garnered recognition in both quilting and art arenas in exhibitions nationally and internationally. She maintains active memberships in several organizations and her art has been published in print and on-line.  She is the author of The Classical Elements in Fiber & Poetry; Lin Schiffner, Catalog Ed. & Designer, 2015 (Art).

For more information on Lin and her work, please visit: linschiffner.com




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