Our Journey – Pauline Barrett

by Dick Wilbur on June 15, 2016

Our Journey

Pauline Barrett – Killeen, Texas


Artist’s Statement
In our society today, the triviality of everyday life often obscures what is of greater importance. It is so hard to believe that something can be taken for granted and wasted by so many and yet be such an invaluable lifesaving resource that is so far out of reach to others.

Our Journey, by Pauline Barrett The vast number of women and children affected by an inadequate supply or lack of proper access to a clean source of water is astounding. The countless millions of hours spent collecting water, the distance that has to be travelled and the perilous conditions these women have to endure in order to find it on a daily basis is staggering.
With “Our Journey,” I wanted to create a thought provoking piece to draw attention to this plight and to be a voice for those women who cannot speak so that all of us can hear their desperate, silent cries for help.

When I first saw the call for entry for Water is Life, I initially was unsure what direction I wanted to take for my piece. After researching the reference materials and seeing the overwhelming statistics, I knew that I wanted to tell the story of the women and their experience and somehow convey their plight on an emotional level. The biggest challenge would be how to interpret my ideas in fabric. Coincidentally, a few months’ prior my son had taken a photo of me that I had played around with in Photoshop but had completely forgotten about. When I went to my studio, I came across it and instantly realized that this is what I wanted to use as my inspiration. The main image in my quilt is actually based off of that photo, and it really helped integrate my idea of being a part, albeit a silent party, to the plight these women face on a daily basis. The color palate I used was quite intentional as well. Historically, the color purple was used as a sign of nobility and royalty. In this instance, I used this color to call attention to the fact that these women are not receiving the due respect and honor that they, as strong women, deserve.

Our Journey - in Progress

Artist’s Biography
Pauline Barrett is an award-winning fiber and fine art quilter whose work has been exhibited locally in the State of Texas, nationally and internationally. Her work has been featured at the Florida Museum of Natural History, the South Carolina State Museum, the McMinn County Living Heritage Museum in Athens, Tennessee, International Quilt Week in Yokohama, Japan, the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, Expo Unimed Curitiba in Curitiba, Brazil, and is now in the permanent collection of the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky. In 2011 she was privileged to have her work published in Lone Stars III: A Legacy of Texas Quilts dating from 1986 – 2011.
In the spring of 2016 the European magazine ‘Patchwork Professional,’ based in Germany, wrote a feature story highlighting her and her work which was published in the second edition of their 2016 journal. Another one of her pieces entitled “Mommy and Me” is currently being exhibited with the Taiwan Art Quilt Society at the National Tainan Living Art Center in Tainan City, Taiwan.
Her work can be found in numerous collections locally, nationally and internationally.  For more information on Pauline and her work, please visit: www.paulinebarrett.com.Our Journey, by Pauline Barrett - sketch at beginning of the process


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