She Brings them Water – Dawn Piasta

by Dick Wilbur on July 25, 2016

She Brings them Water 

Dawn Piasta – Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada

Artist’s Statement:

Living on a farm I truly understand the value of water.  Although modern conveniences are at hand, my family and I still rely on water from a well 1/4 mile from home. The safety of the water is our responsibility. The well maintenance is our responsibility. Anything that is good or bad about the water system is our responsibility. Several times the system has failed and my household was left at a standstill sometimes for hours sometimes for weeks.  Although most are minor inconveniences; one can only imagine the agony and struggle that must occur each and every day when these conveniences are absent.

I was drawn to the Water is Life Challenge to help promote the necessity for modern sources of water in the most remote regions of the world.  Water is precious everywhere around the world and Canada is not excluded.  Many remote reserves have been without fresh running water for years.  I hope this exhibit will encourage leaders around the world to monitor usage and provide access to all citizens.

She Brings Them Water - Early Stages!

She Brings Them Water – Early Stages!

I carefully assembled this piece from thousands of tiny snippets of colored cotton fabric to achieve the results I hoped for.   Piece-by-piece I assembled my quilt.  Much like the women who gather water for their families, step-by-step she gathers water for her family.  During her daily journey for water, women in remote, drought-affected area of the world are confronted by treacherous and time-consuming obstacles.  The average distance women and children walk for water daily in Africa and Asia is six kilometers (3.7 miles).

She Brings Them Water - Making Progress!

She Brings Them Water – Making Progress!

Every drop of water makes a huge impact on her life.  Every day she brings them water.


Artist’s Biography:

I was 8 years old when my mother sat with me during school lunch breaks; she gave me art lessons to fill the time; this same year she taught me to sew. At 15, I was sewing my own clothing and hemming jeans for the cute neighbor boy. Throughout high school I was a rising artist. In university I dabbled in the visual arts. Yet, it wasn’t until I was much older that I realized that the two, art & sewing could be joined. Once I realized that the technique of quilting could be used to express my inner feelings; I never looked back. I now create art quilts as an extension of my emotions and passion for life.

Completed quilt "She Brings Them Water," one of the 41 quilts comprising the Quilt for Change exhibit "Water is Life"

“She Brings Them Water” – Dawn Piasta

Inspired by playfulness I use quilting to awaken the memory of special moments in my life. My subject matter reflects the way I see the world; passionate, energetic and unique.

I constantly seek new environments which allow me freedom to explore, and continually expose me to stimulus, as well as offer me time to reflect and be inspired. The art of quilting enabled me to express my ideas and utilize all facets of my artistic ability.

See more of Dawn’s work at her website:

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