Sister Artists

We have a new project! Quilt for Change and The Advocacy Project (AP) are pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new partnership between survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) in Mali and quilters in the United States.

Massaran Traore trains survivors in embroidery and co-manages Sini Brodage
Massaran Traore trains survivors in embroidery and co-manages Sini Brodage

The Project: Under the initiative, known as Sister Artists, GBV survivors have produced embroidered blocks depicting scenes of life in Mali. Quilt for Change is inviting American quilters to turn one of these blocks into an art quilt which will then be posted online, exhibited and auctioned. All proceeds from the auction will be sent to Mali and invested in a micro-enterprise for the artists.

To Enter: To select your block and enter, go to the The Advocacy Project website and fill out the registration form and pay the $25 Entry Fee (payable to The Advocacy Project), including the number of your preferred block. There are a limited number of blocks (39) and they will be distributed on a first come first served basis, so enter soon to get the block of your choice. There are no size restrictions on your completed quilt.

Choose your special block embroidered by a woman in Mali on The Advocacy Project's website.
Choose your special block embroidered by a woman in Mali on The Advocacy Project’s website.

Exhibit: The collection of art quilts will be exhibited at a brief exhibit or event in Washington DC in the fall of 2019 before the online auction. Details about this exhibit will be shared when available.

Online Auction: Ship the completed art quilt to The Advocacy Project by August 31, 2019 and they will enter it in the online auction which will take place in the fall of 2019 after the exhibition. Each completed quilt must include a 3-inch sleeve for hanging and a label. The label must include: your name, hometown, year completed, and a title of your choice. Again, the deadline for submission of your finished quilt to the Advocacy Project is August 31, 2019.

Grand Prize: The creative mission is to stitch an artistic setting for the embroidery created by your Sister Artist from Mali. Hollis Chatelain, whose exhibit Stories of West Africa is traveling the US, has agreed to select one quilt for special recognition, and that artist will receive a beautiful bundle of fabric from West Africa. When asked what criteria she would be looking for, Hollis answered, “the quilt which best supports and raises up the art of the Malian women’s embroidery.” What better way to send a message to these women that we believe in them and their artistic future, than to highlight their artwork?

The artists of Sini Brodage in Mali displaying their embroidery

Project partners: Quilt for Change is partnering with The Advocacy Project and their partner on the ground in Mali, Sini Sanuman which has created the new program, Sini Brodage, to train the women in embroidery. Funds from the online auction will be used for further training and development in embroidery through Sini Brodage. To see how the Advocacy Project uses quilts to raise awareness on social justice issues, visit their website page here.

Social Media: Artists are encouraged to share the progress of their work on social media and through their own networks (newsletters, blogs, websites, etc.), and to promote the auction in the fall. The Advocacy Project will include links to the artists’ websites on their page about the project. Quilt for Change and The Advocacy Project would love to share your story as you work on your quilt, so please email us info to post on Facebook and the Quilt for Change blog.

Thank you! The Advocacy Project is grateful to the quilting community for their continued support of their projects. As quilters, we welcome the opportunity to expand on raising awareness on crucial issues, to include raising funds to find solutions. We hope you will consider participating!

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