All Women Matter by Dawn Piasta

by Allison Wilbur on December 21, 2010

All Women Matter by Dawn Piasta

All Women Matter

Dawn Piasta

Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada

It has been over ten years since UN Resolution 1325 was passed but there is still a lack of recognition as to why women matter to peace and security. Women are far too often seen only as victims, not as the agents of change whose perspectives and participation are critical in peacemaking and peace building.

My quilt is meant to raise awareness that all women matter and that women must be active participants during the peace process and its aftermath, and must take an equal role in shaping these decisions. This quilt is made almost entirely of recycled clothing. The pieces were put together to represent that, during and after conflict, women’s lives are torn apart and confused. However, with a plan and support they can be brought together again and made into something whole and useful. The branch represents the tree of life and the power that women have to procreate and bring peace. The branch is grounded and protected by a vessel (the UN) that will allow continued growth. The only fabric that was purchased was that of the blue and white peace fabric of which the hands were made (there is a cost to peace). The quilt is stitched with symbols of peace, strength, endurance, harmony and resourcefulness. The fabrics originated from women who play an important role in my life; far and near they keep my life whole. This quilt is for all women.


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Kylie May 15, 2012 at 3:26 pm

What a gorgeous and inspirational quilt! I love the hidden meaning behind the use of fabric.

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