Suffragettes by Bonnie J. Smith

by Allison Wilbur on February 21, 2011

Suffragettes by Bonnie J Smith


Bonnie J Smith

San Jose, California, USA

What to say? What to do?

What have we learned?

Can we learn?  Look at the past!

Please look at the past!

Please learn from the past!

They worked so hard for us!

Please learn from the past!

Don’t make their work be for nothing!

Don’t let us slide back!

Keep moving forward!

Don’t forget the past!

I think we have forgotten the past!

But we can change that.  We can learn.

Keep moving forward!

It is just not for you, it is for all women!

Keep moving forward! Please!

Yes, we will keep moving forward.

All of us will keep moving forward!

We will not forget what they did for us!

We must help all women wherever they may be!

Yes, that is what we will do,

We will keep moving forward!

So maybe we have learned!

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