The Diaspora Quilt by The Advocacy Project, Srebrenica, Bosnia

by Allison Wilbur on February 21, 2011

The Diaspora Quilt - Bosnia

The Diaspora Quilt

Srebrenica, Bosnia

The Advocacy Project

The weavers of Bosfam have made 15 quilts, commemorating victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre. The Diaspora Quilt carries the names of 25 men and boys. It was commissioned by family members who now live in the US and woven in Bosnia by women who themselves lost relatives at Srebrenica or were displaced by the war. As well as telling the story of the massacre, quilting allows women to work together and share their experiences, which can be deeply therapeutic.

Le Quilt de la Diaspora

Srebrenica, Bosnie

The Advocacy Project

Les tisseuses de Bosfam ont réalisé 15 quilts qui commémorent les victimes du massacre de Srebrenica de 1995. Le Quilt de la Diaspora arbore le nom de 25 hommes et garçons. Il a été commandé par des membres de leur famille vivant maintenant aux USA et tissé en Bosnie par des femmes ayant elles-mêmes perdu des parents à Srebrenica, ou ayant été déplacées par la guerre. Tout en racontant l’histoire du massacre, l’ouvrage a permis aux femmes de travailler ensemble et de partager leurs expériences, ce qui peut être extrêmement thérapeutique.

Rosemary November 8, 2011 at 11:53 am

What a wonderful quilt linking the women now in the US with those back home.
As a member of the Sarajevo Quilters, who submitted a quilt in the previous challenge, my thoughts go out to all of you and trust that time and the company of other women will help you as you move forward from such a dark place.
I spent many months in the beautiful country of Bosnia and Hercegovina and I shed tears when we visited Srebrenica and walked in the cemetery. In my small way I was trying to show my respects to the families torn apart and the survivors who still need help after all this time.
In the meantime the Sarajevo Quilters continue to make quilts to sell at the Holiday Bazaar in a few weeks, the funds supporting projects of the International Women’s Club and the Helping Hands Organisation.

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