A Brighter Day, a Better World – Rose Legge, Castle Rock, CO

by Allison Wilbur on June 14, 2013

A Brighter Day, A Better World
Rose Legge, Castle Rock, Colorado


A Brighter Day, A Better World

Rose Legge – Castle Rock, Colorado


My quilt, “A Brighter Day, A Better World,” is a depiction of a colorful, verdant landscape with the sun shining down, bestowing its warmth and life-giving properties.  There are hand-drawn leaves, flowers, and rolling hills which include hand-painted and commercial machine-quilted fabric.  I screen-printed and stenciled fabric for the sun and its radiant spokes, which are appliquéd on the hand dyed sky.  The focal point, which is in the center of the quilt, is an outstretched hand I drew on fabric with archival ink and water soluble colored pencils.  The  hand which is reaching toward the sun’s warmth, represents people in third world countries whose lives would blossom with a new prosperity if aided with green energy for light, cooking, and washing.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to once again be involved in a Quilt For Change exhibition.  I consider myself a citizen of the world, and this is a chance to use my voice to help bring people’s attention to finding the solution to energy poverty.

Rose Legge – Castle Rock, CO


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