Clean Energy for the Future

by Allison Wilbur on June 23, 2013

Clean Energy for the Future – Ms. Dionne’s 6th Grade Class, Kelowna, BC, Canada – with help from Lindea Parnell


Clean Energy for the Future

Ms. Dionne’s Grade 6 Class with retired teacher Lindea Parnell – Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

I was really pleased to be involved with this Quilt for Change activity. As a retired teacher I do not have a class of my own, so I “borrowed” Ms. Dionne’s grade 6 class to help me. I think the topic (green energy, equality of women) and process (working as a team, being creative and helping to educate others and therefore improve the world) is beneficial for children’s development as responsible global citizens.

The class researched, read and discussed ideas for the quilt. Then each student designed and colored a square to fit with the theme. I sewed them together choosing fabric that represented all parts of the environment – plants, animals, earth, sky/air and water. Next, the students hand quilted a square. This whole process was enjoyable and educational for the students. I hope people enjoy looking at the quilt.

62 inches x 62 inches


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