Light for Enlightenment – Diana Ferguson, Sweetwater, Tennessee

by Dick Wilbur on June 12, 2013

Light for Enlightenment, by Diana Ferguson of Sweetwater, Tennessee 24 in x 24 in


Light for Enlightenment – Diana Ferguson, Sweetwater, Tennessee

Joy is inherent in the human experience, yet it can be worn thin through hardships.  Opportunity creates a lifting up of the spirit and makes hardships seem less controlling.  Solar lamps are a miraculous part of an uplifting opportunity.

To receive the gift of light during the dark hours of the day gives the potential for growth which  consequentially  fuels a future with hope.  Solar light provides extended time for productive work, reading, and family.  I find the idea of physical light retained in a lamp from the rays of the sun giving a gift of  illumination (both literally and metaphorically) to the human spirit, to be a beautiful, and impactive concept.

In this quilt, I wanted to express the joy of life, the gift of the sun, and  to give thanks for the power of enlightenment in everyday lives.

Techniques used in this quilt were: raw edge appliqué, piecing, color discharge, free motion quilting, thread painting, embellishment, and fabric ink pencils.


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