Sewing Sister – Allison Wilbur, Barrington, Rhode Island

by Allison Wilbur on June 21, 2013

Sewing Sister, by Allison Wilbur – Barrington, RI


Sewing Sister

Allison Wilbur

Barrington, Rhode Island

When I first met Katherine Lucey, Executive Director of Solar Sister, she told me the story of Teddy the Tailor.  Before she purchased a solar light, Teddy Namirembe would walk to a nearby village in Uganda to work at night, leaving her three daughters at home. The simple purchase of a solar light brought so many positive changes to her life and her business –  she has extra time to work since she does not have to walk to the village and back and so her income has increased 30 percent. She is safer for not having to make the walk and her children are not alone at home. Her children also share in the use of the light to do their homework. She is not paying for renting a work space or for expensive kerosene and they no longer breathe in the kereosene smoke.  Like most women, Teddy turns the extra money she makes sewing school uniforms back into her family and her business.

As the owner of a small quilting business, I can relate to Teddy. I choose to work at home so I can be available to help my children with their homework and take care of my parents. The hours I have to work after dark, after the work of caring for my family is done, are vitally important to my business. Solar Sister is not only important  to the entrepreneurs who sell the lights, but to many others who buy the solar lights and phone chargers for use in their own small businesses.


Corinne June 28, 2013 at 8:56 am

Hi Allison!
I saw your beautiful quilt at the opening of the exhibit last night here at the UN in Geneva. I loved the fabulous warm colours. Beautiful, very powerful work, as usual, as were all of the quilts on display. Great crowd too. Katherine Lucey told the story of Teddy in her opening remarks. It was great to be able to see this third exhibit.
Best to you and your family. Corinne

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