Let There Be Light – Jennifer Day, Santa Fe, New Mexico

by Allison Wilbur on July 22, 2013

Let There Be Light, by Jennifer Day of Santa Fe, New Mexico


Let There Be Light

Jennifer Day

Santa Fe, New Mexico


“Let There Be Light” is a quilt based on a photograph taken by Solar Sister. This organization graciously agreed to allow me to use this image in my quilt. I love the look of joy on the woman’s face as she holds a new solar powered light.  Her friends and family are near as she experiences electricity at night for the first time.  It is amazing that there are still large portions of the world without electricity. Solar powered light is changing the way people live and is bringing light into their lives.

I printed this photograph on Belgian Linen. I then covered the woman’s face and the lamp entirely in thread. I used 76 different colors of thread in this work of art.  The other faces were brought to life using free motion embroidery. I also used ten techniques of free motion embroidery to finish the background of the quilt.

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