Lucina Lighting the Way, by Mary Vaneecke of Tucson, Arizona

by Allison Wilbur on July 20, 2013

Lucina Lighting the Way – Mary Veneecke, Tucson, Arizona


Lucina Lighting the Way

Mary Vaneecke

Tuscon, Arizona

Lucina was the Roman goddess of light and childbirth – she who brings children into the light.  Here, Lucina is pregnant and holds a golden orb.  The lively color scheme and bright shapes evoke a hopeful spring.  This quilt is a tribute to our modern-day Lucinas, our Solar Sisters, who are bringing safe, affordable, sustainable solar powered light to their friends and neighbors.  The singed edges of the piece symbolize the dangers of kerosene lanterns, which kill and maim users across Africa each year. This quilt was made using hand-dyed linen, eco-felt batting, and was hand-printed.

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